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I'm sorry, but I am not aware of a specific game called "Kick Kings". However, there are several games that involve kicking and sports gameplay. Here are a few examples:

FIFA: This is a popular soccer game series that allows players to control teams from various leagues and compete in matches using a combination of passing, shooting, and other skills.

Pro Evolution Soccer: Similar to FIFA, this soccer game series features realistic graphics and gameplay mechanics that require precise timing and strategy.

Dream League Soccer: This mobile game allows players to build their own soccer team from scratch and compete against other teams in leagues and tournaments.

Football Manager: This simulation game allows players to manage and coach a soccer team, making decisions about player transfers, tactics, and training.

Kickboxing: This fighting game involves controlling a character who uses a combination of kicks and punches to defeat opponents in a ring. The gameplay requires quick reflexes and strategic positioning.

I hope this helps you find the kind of game you're looking for!



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