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Description is an online multiplayer fighting game that draws inspiration from classic shooters, offering a fast-paced and accessible combat experience. Developed by Freeze Nova and available on platforms like, this game features intuitive controls and a complex shop system, enhancing the strategic aspect of gameplay. Players can navigate their characters using WASD or arrow keys, shoot with a click, and perform advanced moves like jumping and sliding to outmaneuver opponents. With its engaging graphics and the thrill of battle royale-style competition, provides endless entertainment for fans of the genre. Whether you're a seasoned FPS gamer or new to the scene, promises a challenging yet rewarding online battleground.

Move using the WASD or Arrow keys Fire with a Left mouse click Aim with a Right mouse click Jump using the Space key Slide while running by pressing the Q key Run by holding down the Left Shift Change weapons using the 1 2 3 keys


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