Marvel Fighting Game

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Marvel Fighting Game is a video game that features characters from the Marvel Comics universe in a 2D fighting style. The game allows players to choose from a roster of over 40 heroes and villains, each with their own unique moves, combos, and special attacks. The game also features various modes, such as Arcade, Story, Versus, Training, and Online. In Arcade mode, players can fight against a series of opponents and unlock new characters and stages. In Story mode, players can follow the plot of the game, which involves a mysterious threat that forces the Marvel heroes and villains to team up and stop it. In Versus mode, players can challenge their friends or the CPU in local or online matches. In Training mode, players can practice their skills and learn the basics of the game. In Online mode, players can compete with other players around the world in ranked or casual matches. The game also has a Gallery mode, where players can view artwork, videos, and trivia about the Marvel characters and the game itself.



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