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"Catapult of Janissary Games" is not a known or popular game title. However, there are various games that involve catapults or similar siege weapons as a gameplay mechanic.

One such game is "Crush the Castle," developed by Armor Games. In this game, players control a medieval trebuchet and must use it to destroy enemy castles and structures. The game offers a variety of different ammunition types and power-ups to help players strategize their attacks and overcome obstacles.

Another game that involves catapults is "Castle Clout 3D," developed by Selectsoft. In this game, players control a catapult and must aim and launch projectiles at enemy castles to clear each level. The game offers a range of different projectile types and allows players to upgrade their catapult over time.

Other notable games in this genre include "Sieger" by War Spark, "Ragdoll Catapult" by Not Doppler, and "Age of Defense" by Max Games. These games offer a mix of strategy, physics-based gameplay, and medieval-themed aesthetics as players attempt to take down enemy structures using various forms of siege weaponry.

Overall, games that involve catapults or other siege weapons offer a unique blend of strategic thinking, physics-based gameplay, and satisfying destruction. They can be a fun and engaging way to pass the time and provide an interesting twist on traditional action or puzzle games.

If playing on PC Use MOUSE and LEFT-CLICK If playing on mobile device Tablet Use screen touch controls


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