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Stick Defenders is an online tower defense game that puts players in charge of defending their base from waves of attacking stickmen. The game features a wide range of towers and traps, each with its own unique capabilities, as well as a variety of enemy units that require different strategies to defeat.

The game starts with a basic tutorial that teaches players how to set up their defenses and how to manage their resources. Players begin with a limited amount of money and must carefully choose which towers and traps to build in order to maximize their defense capabilities. The game also features a variety of upgrades that can be purchased for each tower or trap, making them even more powerful and effective at stopping enemy waves.

The early waves of enemies in Stick Defenders are relatively easy to manage, but as the game progresses, the waves become larger and more challenging. Players must continually adjust their defense strategy in order to keep up with the growing threat. The game also features a number of boss battles that add an extra element of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.

One of the great things about Stick Defenders is the variety of towers and traps available to players. There are towers that shoot arrows, towers that launch bombs, and even towers that freeze enemies in place. Traps include spike pits, landmines, and even banana peels that cause enemies to slip and fall.

Overall, Stick Defenders is a fun and challenging tower defense game that will keep players engaged for hours on end. Whether you're a fan of classic tower defense games or you're looking for something new and exciting, Stick Defenders is definitely worth a try.

Use your left mouse button or finger to select and drag units Drag one unit and drop it on top of an identical one to merge them


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