Ninja Boy Flying Game

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I'm sorry, but there is no known game called "Ninja Boy Flying Game". However, there are many games that feature ninjas and flying elements. Here are a few examples:

Ninja Gaiden: This classic action game series features a ninja protagonist who can jump, climb, and use various weapons to fight enemies. While it doesn't involve flying per se, the acrobatic movements of the protagonist might give the impression of flying.

Shinobi: Another classic ninja game series that involves platforming, combat, and boss battles. The player character can perform double jumps and wall runs, which might give the impression of flying or gliding.

Mark of the Ninja: This modern stealth game allows players to control a ninja who can sneak past enemies and use gadgets to distract or eliminate them. The ninja can also jump, climb, and hang from ledges, which might give the impression of flying or hovering.

Jump Ultimate Stars: This anime-based fighting game features several ninja characters who can jump and dash around the screen, performing aerial combos and special moves. Some of the characters can also transform into animals or other forms, which might incorporate flying elements.

I hope this helps you find the kind of game you're looking for!

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